2023 August health newsletter

Let’s talk about children’s backpacks, the Stronger in 60 program, anti-inflammatory eating, dealing with excess sitting, and the adventure of white water rafting.

Children’s posture. I know, it seems to be too early to start talking about the fall semester, but the reality is that children are going to be returning to school within the next few weeks and month.  You might be shopping for a new back pack for your child and I’d like to make a few suggestions, courtesy of the American Chiropractic Association.

  1. Make sure the backpack is the correct size for your child
  2. Are the shoulder straps padded, and are they adjustable?
  3. Does your child use both straps and not sling it over on to one shoulder?
  4. Does the back pack have padding in the back?
  5. Does the back pack have compartments to help keep contents in place?
  6. Does the full back pack weigh less than 10% of your child’s total body weight?

There is a trend towards an increase of back pain in young people and one of the primary causes is carrying a backpack that is either too heavy or carried improperly.  It is your job as a parent to make sure that the backpack fits properly and that it doesn’t get overloaded.

Some suggestions: don’t let the back pack hang lower than 4 inches below their waist; make sure there are plenty of smaller compartments so bulky objects don’t poke into your child’s back; have padded, adjustable shoulder straps and encourage your child to use both of them, not slung over one shoulder; and if the back pack still weighs 10% more than your child’s weight, please ask their teacher if they can leave the heavier books at school.

All this to say that taking a few preventive steps will help reduce the likelihood of your child hurting themselves.  If they still complain of back pain, or other pains for that matter, bring them in for a chiropractic evaluation.  Sometimes there is a simple solution to a physical imbalance, and children should not be living in pain.


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5 Rules for anti-inflammatory Eating



Here are two exercises you can do at the office or after you have been sitting for a long time.  They get the blood circulating by elevating your heart rate for a minute, plus strengthen your legs and pelvis.

Sitting and standing exercise:


Standing lunge exercise:




“Adversity has ever been considered the state in which a man, or woman, most easily becomes acquainted with themself.” Samuel Johnson

“One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm.”  Catherine Pulsifer

“Some days you’re the bug.  Some days you’re the windshield.”  Price Cobb

“Sometimes you eat the tiger, and sometimes the tiger eats you.”  Tug McGraw


My adventure last week:  Rafting the American River

The Tunnel on the Middle Fork, Class 4 rapid





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