April 2023 Newsletter

Let’s talk about how you deal with your health, cycling for cancer research, why chiropractic is good for pregnant women, managing chronic inflammation, Foundation Training, when to use ice or heat, and the differences between happiness and meaning in life.

Let me ask you, regarding your health, how much do you think your health is related to having good or bad genes, that you’re really not responsible for all the symptoms you’re feeling or that are you just a victim of circumstance and you’re just unlucky?

Well, your health is a compilation of your genetics, your body awareness, your values, your history and your worldview.  Similar to a computer (but much more complex), your operating system controls your health-related behaviors. In other words, from Steven Covey, “the way you view the problem is part of the problem.”

Look at yourself.  Are you tired, achy and constantly getting sick or are you feeling good, energetic and rarely get sick?  This state of being is directly related to how much you exercise, what you eat, whether you get a good night’s sleep, and your mental attitude.  While you can’t undo your genes, you have the power to play the cards you’re dealt regarding your health by making wise decisions.

Research and experience show that those people who are proactive in taking care of themselves tend to live longer, live better, and die with fewer problems.  This is achieved by being a student of your body; feeding it nutritionally sound food, getting enough sleep to be refreshed each morning, being active and functionally fit, being aware of your posture, having a positive mental attitude, and getting your body tuned up every 500 miles.

If you would like help in reshuffling your deck of health cards and improving your game, give me a call and we can look at some strategies that will help you. Dr. Ben


A cause/mission that I have undertaken is to ride my bicycle 72 miles around Lake Tahoe on June 4th and raise $3500 to help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society help support cancer patients and their families.  I’m asking you to come along with me, either as a fellow cyclist, or as someone who would help support me reach my goal of $3500 by June 5th.  Please check out the following link to see what and where I’m going, and now that the rains are diminishing, I will be able to get out more often and increase my training.







6 Strategies to manage chronic inflammation. Sometimes all it takes is one or two shifts in your lifestyle to improve your health.



EXERCISE FOR THE MONTH (and your lifetime)

Also: https://foundationtraining.com



When to use ice and when to use heat. I couldn’t have said it any better:






At least one way of measuring the freedom of any society is the amount of comedy that is permitted, and clearly a healthy society permits more satirical comment than a repressive, so that if comedy is to function in some way as a safety release then it must obviously deal with these taboo areas. This is part of the responsibility we accord our licensed jesters, that nothing be excused the searching light of comedy. If anything can survive the probe of humour it is clearly of value, and conversely all groups who claim immunity from laughter are claiming special privileges which should not be granted. -Eric Idle, comedian, actor, and author (b. 29 Mar 1943)

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