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Let’s talk about an empowerment seminar, moving naturally, improving your memory, brain-healthy food, and benefits of chiropractic care.

Happy new year to you!  Here we are again, lamenting about how fast this past year went by and what you didn’t get done.  How about focusing on what went right and what you would like to improve on this coming year instead?  I am co-presenting a seminar called Imagine your Evolution with Arno Koch on Saturday and Sunday, January 26 and 27.  This two-day event is for successful people who strive for more. It is designed to empower you, break through your limitations and start living the life you deserve.  For more information and to sign up, visit  –




When was the last time you were still enough, for long enough, for some self-reflection?

There are two pervasive temptations that conspire to make it difficult to remain present to our own life.

The most convenient is being busy. Being consumed with various activities, whether working more hours, dividing our attention between two practices, volunteer work or coaching the soccer team, they all seem so commendable. It’s the perfect way to avoid confronting the trajectory of our life.

The other, more recent innovation is the proliferation of various digital screens. This can be the social media monitoring on our smartphone to the Netflix streaming and the talking heads on cable. They’re just about everywhere. And all too happy to provide an escape from ourselves.

This week become more mindful of your internal state the moment prior to relinquishing your attention to a screen. It’s a drug. Administered through the eyes.


I subscribe to an online newsletter called “MovNat” (move naturally) which sends me videos twice monthly showing me exercises and movement routines to help me be more physically fit and functional.  Below is a link to one of their newsletters named “6 natural movements worth doing every day”.  Check it out and their other videos on movement.



MENTAL HEALTH: A helpful exercise to improve your memory

How To Remember Everything Forever-ish: https://ncase.me/remember/ by Nicky Case


NUTRITION FOR A LIFETIME: Brain-healthy foods to fight aging from Dr. Gregor

No surprise, the tough part is being consistent and starting early.  Click on the link below.





“Let tomorrow be anxious for itself.”

By Dr. Ben Lerner – Inspirational Moments from the CCC

I once had a man come in as a patient who at a very young age had been diagnosed with a degenerative heart condition.  The medical doctors had said nothing could be done, that his heart would just continue to deteriorate no matter what he did, and that he could go at any time or day.

As a result of this death sentence and the hopelessness communicated to him by his physicians, he chose to do nothing and thus, his health continued to decline.  Finally, after several years of nagging, his wife had convinced him to come to my office and see if Chiropractic care could be of benefit.

The first thing I thought to myself was, “Can you imagine being told that any day could be your last day?” It was clear, if he was going to improve – he had to heal emotionally as well as physically.

As his nervous system healed under Chiropractic care and he received nothing but love and positive reports from his chiropractor, his attitude changed.  He also healed.  Baffling his doctors, his symptoms and his diagnosis completely disappeared.

The best part of my week started to become seeing him and hearing a phrase he ultimately learned to say.  I would ask him how he was doing and he would say, “TODAY, was another great day.”  Even after he got better, he still just lived one great day at a time.

In this new millennium, our nervous systems are under radically more stress then they were designed to handle.  Scientists have stated that the average child today is under so much stress and managing so much fear that 50% of them would have qualified as having a psychiatric disorder 50 years ago.  What was once considered clinical mental illness, is now just the new normal!

Thankfully, we also now know that a spinal adjustment also upticks the brains biopsychological ability to integrate thoughts-feelings-subsequent actions.

A spinal adjustment literally (not figuratively) supplies along with it an “attitude adjustment.”  Yet, along with it, like my patient, you have to start thinking differently.  An adjustment with a renewed mind is a powerful combination for not just health care – but life-care.

There’s a famous truth that says, “Do not conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  What it means is do not fashion yourself according to the ways of this age and believe in and follow the mistakes of society.  Instead, experience a metamorphosis into a greater, more effective being.  One that lives beyond the suffering beliefs and processes of this world and serves the bigger purposes of God.

A hard question to ask yourself is: Am I conformed to the patterns of this world?  Do I subscribe to what everyone else is doing even though it’s clear that what’s happening in the U.S. today (Record pain and fatigue, record depression, record financial problems, record family problems, and record obesity) isn’t working out?

The truth goes on to say, “so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”   As I learned from that patient; If TODAY, God has allowed me to live and given me enough health to be with my family, experience His awesome world, and He has given me food, shelter, and a purpose to serve; then “Today was another great day.”

Seize what has already been established for you in 2019!

Remember, With God All Things are Possible.  Dr. Ben Lerner



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