Is your chronic pain a repetitive stress disorder?

Do you have a nagging pain in your neck, wrist or shoulder that ebbs and flows with increased pain and annoyance?  RSDs can develop over long periods of time and are chronic in nature. This is why it is necessary to get up and move often throughout the day and to incorporate a regular stretching program which will relax and release accumulated stress and tension.

*Common causes will occur from over-activity involving constant repetitiveness, lifting heavy loads or improper body mechanics  How you sit, stand, grip, lift, carry, type, sew, repair, pull, push, assemble, or play a sport has an inherent risk of injury, particularly if there are faulty body mechanics and/or the absence of adequate rest.

*Because stretching affects the muscles, tendons and joints, the first line of defense against RSDs is to stretch daily to prevent, or at least reduce, the risk of creating a RSD somewhere.  This stretching should be coupled with adequate rest in order for the body to repair itself and recover from prolonged activity.

*Another line of defense against RSDs is good posture.  This comes from an awareness of your body position, how long you stay immobile, and how much excess stress is influencing your activity.  Often simple adjustments to the chair or desk height and repositioning equipment to a more accessible place helps in eliminating potential problems.

*RSDs are preventable, and in most cases repairable.  If you have any questions, give me a call.

Dr. Ben, “Your Biomechanic on the Road to Good Health”


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