July 2022 Health news

Let’s talk about comfortable vs functional, improving your relationships, ways to resist the diet culture, and an easy way to improve your hip flexibility…

Why be comfortable when you can be functional?  I think being “comfortable” is overrated.  It suggests that you neither enjoy much nor suffer much, but seek a median level of involvement that never really challenges your best, allows you to skate smoothly through most of life’s trials without truly having to make a commitment and leaves untapped any and all hidden talents you might possess. 

In my book, being “functionally fit” means you have the capability to do the simple tasks, like picking up the laundry basket without difficulty, able to walk the mall or around the block without needing a rest; to lift that watermelon out of the bin without hurting your back, and trimming the bushes without having to call 911.  It means feeling secure in your skin, and that no matter what shape you are, the shape you’re in is more than just comfortable, but graceful as well.

Please read the articles below and see if any of them resonate with you and your quest for improvement.  My goal is to help move you through comfortable into joy.



8 ways to resist the diet culture (this is a must read)



This is about as simple an exercise you can do to help you improve your hip and low back range of motion.  You get to actually lie on the floor to do this.




“Security is mostly a superstition… life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”  Helen Keller

“Although some use mindfulness as a form of meditation, it doesn’t require closed eyes or a quiet space.  Its goal is to achieve focused presence in the moment without judgement, and anyone can do it anytime.”  Spiwe Jefferson

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