June 2022 Health newsletter

Let’s talk about you and your health, warm-up exercises, healthy recipes, and wellness strategies.


I ask you this because I want to know if you know; is it you or your environment?  Is it something you ate or the way your body reacted to it?  Do you hurt because you overwhelmed your body or because you were weaker than the normal stress you encountered?  What is it, and why did it happen to you?

I am asked variations of these questions all the time, and I always try to find the source of the cause; what happened along the way to create this problem?  You know that our bodies are remarkable vehicles and they respond to stress, discomfort, or imbalance in a number of ways, not the least with pain or a shift in comfort.  Aside from actual physical trauma, most neuromusculoskeletal problems come from disuse, misuse, or overuse, and these problems manifest themselves as pain, restricted movement, stiffness, achiness, or fatigue.  On top of all this, the true sources of your malaise could originate as physical, emotional or chemical.

What you and I have to remember is this: when you create an environment for unrestricted healing, then you will heal.  This includes your thoughts, fears and beliefs; your history, balance, and neurological function; and your vitality, energy and functional fitness.  You can eat the right foods and get enough sleep, but if you have poor posture and don’t exercise, you will be out of alignment and out of shape.  A partnership must develop between you and your chiropractor, one where your everyday actions compliment the periodic spinal adjustments and muscle work.  The very basic laws of the universe state that “order goes to disorder” and we all need to get ourselves tuned up and realigned regularly.

So your challenge today is this: what strategies do you employ that specifically prevent disorder, help maintain order and promote future order?  They are eating a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, engage in regular activity/exercise, maintain a healthy posture, have a positive mental attitude and keep your spine aligned.  Do this consistently and you will be operating in a much healthier state of being in your universe.  Cheers, Dr. Ben

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!  I and my buddy Jim Friery are playing our music at The Naughty Pine Brewery on Saturday, June 18th, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.  Address is 766 Lakefield Dr., Suite A, Thousand Oaks.  Come on out to hear some tasty music and drink some great beer.  There will also be a food truck.  Cheers.

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“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”  George Bernard Shaw

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