You can’t get around it; people notice your clothes and your posture, which are a major influence on what image you portray to others. While you can always improve both, your posture isn’t just about looking good, but about reducing physical stress and improving your health. Correct posture is any position in which minimum stress is placed on each joint. Faulty posture is any position that increases stress on joints.

You waste energy and increase stress on your body when you sit slouched over the computer; when you stand with your knees locked and when you walk and text at the same time. Guess who’s watching you? Your children. They imitate the way you sit and move, and it has translated into a dramatic increase of pain in adolescents. In the 2015 European Spine Journal article Association between home posture and LBP in high school adolescents, the study found that the prevalence of low back pain in adolescents was now equal to that of adults, and if LBP starts in adolescence, there is a four-fold increase in risk of developing LBP as an adult.

Additional studies have found that 23 to 51% of today’s children suffer from headaches, 14 to 24% suffer from low back pain, and 4 to 40% suffer musculoskeletal pain, depending upon the region. Worldwide, new ailments like text claw, cell phone elbow and text neck are now troubling both children and adults. It is imperative that you commit to making small and simple changes to your present habits with sitting, standing and walking and improve the postural influence that will keep you healthy and young-looking for all of your life. For help and advice, consult your local chiropractor.

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