News you can use – June 15th

Hi.  How are you holding in our third month of social isolation?  The two biggest positives I have heard are from dads who have been spending a lot of quality time with their kids and from folks who have been getting rid of a lot of junk in their garages and attics.  The two biggest complaints I’ve heard (and seen) are people who have gained weight because they’re sitting around a lot more, and increased tension and pain in their neck, shoulders and upper back from sitting around a lot more.  May I make a suggestion?  Get up and move!

I noticed a tremendous increase in people walking my street immediately after they closed the parks and trails, but the numbers have tapered off.  Here in Ventura County our parks, trails, golf courses and gyms are opening back up, so we have the opportunity to resume our activities, but even in Los Angeles, you can get out and walk and exercise on your own.  The two major benefits from exercising are you’ll get away from your refrigerator and moving around is going to help relieve the built up tension in your upper back and shoulders.

As our world shifts and adapts to the influences created by COVID-19, new strategies will and are taking place that are going to affect your health and the way you do business.  Sitting at your computer and desk for 10 hours a day on your couch is not the way to go, however.  Get up and drink some water (see article below), stand up and do back bends and side bends and the lunge stretch throughout the day.  Walk around your house or around the block for 15 minutes.  Research shows that taking breaks every hour helps increase productivity, not decrease it. So, a little investment in time now will lead to much larger dividends later.  Dr. Ben

Business not-quite-as-usual:

Just so you know, I am seeing patients in both offices, most days and hours of the week, along with the new phenomenon (for me) of conducting TeleHealth meetings with some of my patients, mostly focused on exercising and some coaching.  My offices are following all the CDC guidelines, keeping everything sanitized and wearing masks (if you want to).  Call for an appointment today.

I’m also teaching my stretching class every Monday at 12:30 pm via Zoom.  It’s a 60 minute class that stretches you from your nose to your toes and everything in between.  Cost is $24 per month.  Wear loose clothing and use a yoga mat.  Email me at if you’re interested in joining us.

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Stay safe and be healthy.  Dr. Ben


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