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Hello beautiful people,

Who would have thunk that we would still be sequestered in the middle of May, with cancellations happening into September and beyond?  So what’s a person to do?  Laugh, be grateful, write letters, read books, clean out your garage, and have correct social distancing get-togethers.   For sure, don’t let this crisis get you down; even though it may change the way we will do things in the future, it will come to an end at some point.

IF you are feeling anxious or lonely or uncertain, there are people trained to help counsel you.  One counselor I can recommend to you is my friend Cynthia Winn, M.A.,MFT.  Her number is: (818) 789-3346.  I am also in two networking groups with a number of highly qualified professionals with a variety of services (except none of them deliver ice cream or marijuana).  Just ask me.

Both my offices are open and we are following all the CDC guidelines: spacing between patients, option to wait in your car and I text you, everything is disinfected, I’m wearing a mask, and I continue to wash my hands after each patient.

While some facilities and businesses are reopening, please continue to be cautious and respectful of the guidelines.  Here is a video showing how a virus can spread, using black light.

Black light experiment showing the possible spread of a virus:

Here is this week’s exercise video: How to stretch your feet and ankles and keep them happy

Here is what I’m reading and where I read it:


Inverse Daily

Morning Brew


Soooo, basically we’re grounded.  I would rather just get a whooping at this point.

“Social distancing” is so boring.  “Exiled for the good of the realm” sounds much more interesting.

This is weird.  I just tried to make hand sanitizer and it came out as rum and coke.

Anyone else’s car getting 3 weeks to the gallon?

Turns out my top three hobbies are:

1. Eating at restaurants

2. Going to nonessential businesses

3. Touching my face

  •                Be well, stay safe, and don’t go crazy. Dr. Ben
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