November, 2020 newsletter

Let’s talk about your blessings, your sense of humor, the language of touch, memory in your brain and body, and sitting properly at a desk.

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.  Saturday I spent a couple of hours with a friend of mine who had brain surgery last year and still hasn’t recovered.  He was a vibrant, witty, healthy man who now has short-term memory loss, unstable balance, muscle weakness and difficulty walking without assistance.  He still has a smile on his face, however.

His wife is a saint who has faithfully attended to his needs, coordinated his therapy sessions, and kept a loving, patient countenance through it all, even in the face of fatigue, uncertainty, doubt, and discouragement.  Her attitude is enviable.

It got me to thinking, as he and I walked around the block.  I have a lot to be grateful for, as I have a lot of blessings, but, am I thanking the people around me often enough?  Have I acknowledged those people who are loving, kind, helpful and patient with and to me?  Have I thanked God today for my many blessings? (if you believe in him)  Have I truly counted my blessings and thanked everyone connected with those blessings?

We are only on this earth for a short time, and even in the midst of this present turmoil and unrest, we can still be kind, grateful, thankful, respectful, loving and helpful to those around us.  Imagine if today we all started treating our neighbors in this manner, do you think the world would become a happier place almost immediately?  I’m going to increase my effort to become a blessing to everyone around me, since I already have received more than enough blessings to sustain me.







Here is an interesting article regarding “time cells” in your brain, which help record memorable events in your life and help you retain those memories, in the right order or sequence.

However, your muscles have “memory” as well, and this is why it is important to “let go” of previous traumas in your past which may still be harbored in your muscles.  This muscle memory may be the cause of your restricted movement or chronic pain, which is why I employ deep-tissue bodywork prior to you receiving spinal adjustments.

You may mentally remember a significant event from your past, but physically that memory may be keeping you from truly letting it go.  Sounds like it’s time for some myofascial releasing.  Explore the possibilities and make an appointment today.

SITTING PROPERLY AT A DESK (time for a review)


Nutritionally, it’s doubly important to get enough Vitamin D during the shortened winter hours and adequate Vitamin C and Zinc to boost your immune system.

Movement is key, as muscles are meant to move.  Try not to sit for more than 60 minutes at a time (30 is better, but reality is usually 60).  You are welcome to join my Flex Appeal stretching class every Monday from 12:30 to 1:30 pm.  A yoga mat and loose clothing is recommended, as you’ll stretch everything from your nose to your toes. $24 per month. Contact me at for information on how to pay and get the Zoom link.

Both of my offices are open, and we follow the CDC guidelines with masks and disinfectant.

Sign of returning to normal: Jim and I are going to play at Enegren Brewery on Friday, November 20th, from 6 to 9:00 pm.  It will be outside between the brewery and Lucas Cellar Wines.  There will also be a food truck, but you can BYOF if you want.  Come on out and hear tasty music and drink refreshing beverages.

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