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You cannot go crazy during this time of the pandemic.  We must stand fast, and act with calmness, kindness and understanding.  There is a lot of contradictory information out there, with many people living in fear, or anger, or defiance or apathy.  You and I must not let the extent of their fear intrude on the boundaries of our freedom.  I was hiking in the hills the other day when I passed a group of hikers coming the other way.  One man stopped to take a picture of the group, so I offered to take the picture so he could be in it as well.  He started to yell at me a fearful tone, telling me to get away, observe social distancing, disease is everywhere, he’s immunologically compromised, all while pulling up his bandanna.  One of the other hikers came up, told me very nicely that he was having health issues, but thank you for the kind offer to take the picture.

I know what you’re thinking, because I thought that too, and so did my hiking buddy.  You just can’t always tell people what you’re thinking, but instead show restraint and tact.  I am hearing craziness and reasonableness from all sides, and I want to make informed decisions for my family and me, and the best I can do is be cautious around others, respect their space and their viewpoint, and be polite about it.                                                     

We’re hearing that masks are the best defense against Covid-19, but then maybe not, and don’t use gloves, as they’re already contaminated when you walk in the door.  Wash your hands before and after you enter and leave a building.  I have read that Vitamin C and Zinc are two great supplements to take to boost your immune system, along with Vitamin D, which we get from sunlight.  Also, UV light from the sun helps destroy viruses and bacteria, so why are we prevented from going to the beach and parks?

So my challenge to you is this; get out and move, feel some sunshine on your skin, wear the mask around others who are wearing a mask, and in small groups, take it off if everyone is comfortable about it.  Do some exercise – it does a body good, and it helps with reducing stress.  Be of service to those around you.  Everyone around you could use some TLC, and it doesn’t hurt to pay it forward.   Be well and stay safe.

Weekly stretching. The Flex Appeal stretching class is going to remain “virtual” indefinitely, for now, live at 12:30 pm every Monday for 1 hour.  Wear comfortable clothing, and a yoga mat is a good idea.  Cost is $24 per month, or $6 per class.

You may pay for the class via VenMo – @Benjamin Griffes1; via PayPal – or Benjamin Griffes; by check, sent to Dr. Ben Griffes, 18399 Ventura Blvd, Suite 241, Tarzana, CA 91356.

Once I receive your payment, I will send you the link to the class. Any questions, email me or call/text me at 805.358.8572

My office hours are the same, and we are following all the CDC rules for treating patients; we wear masks, we disinfect all surfaces and I continue to wash my hands after every patient.  Boosting your immune system with chiropractic care, along with proper diet, adequate sleep and regular exercise helps reduce your risk for catching any disease.  Call today for a tune-up.

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