That nagging jaw pain

Do you ever get popping or clicking in your jaw or bite the inside of your cheek when you’re chewing?  Chances are that your jaw is out of alignment.  This is a common problem that can lead to teeth grinding and nagging pain in the jaw.  You have two temporomandibular joints (TMJ) that work as a team to open and close your mouth, but if there is muscular imbalance and you’re not chewing evenly, then it’s highly likely you have TMJ Disorder, something we chiropractors help correct.

I use myofascial releasing to relax the muscles of your face and neck, then stretch out your jaw, followed by easy exercises to strengthen and balance your jaw.  Sometimes the jaw pain starts in the neck, particularly after an auto accident and you get a whiplash, and other times it’s from poor posture and the muscles of the neck start pulling on the jaw muscles and then, there you have it; an aching jaw with popping and clicking in the joints.  If you know someone who is suffering from jaw problems, send them in for a consultation.  We might be able to rearrange your face.

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