Let’s talk about what is true medicine, habits that lead to happiness, increasing your chances for success, and whether cell phones really lead to cognitive decline.

When you think of the word “medicine”, what comes to mind?  Childhood cough syrup?  A shot in the arm?  Bactine or iodine on your scraped knee?  Tylenol and ibuprofen?  All these are types of medicine, but they are basically man-made concoctions that mask pain and help alleviate dis-ease.  What did our ancestors do to stay healthy or use to recover from illness prior to modern medicines?

True medicine is Breath; healthy air unfiltered, inspiration.  Movement; agility, flexibility, and mobility with ease.  Touch; massage, holding hands, hugs.  Sleep; to rest, repair, restore and revive.  Water; to nourish, hydrate and replenish (we are about 70% water, you know).  Nature; to see, smell, hear and touch natural things, feel the sunshine and reconnect with the Earth.  Sound; soft, soothing, healing and inspiring sounds, laughter.  Plants; to see, touch and smell flowers, bushes and trees.  Community; to be nurtured, listened to, cared for, watched over, laugh and cry together.  These are the true medicines.  Everything else is artificial and alternative.  Cheers, Dr. Ben

The 7 Habits that lead to happiness in old age

Your well-being is like a retirement account: The sooner you invest, the greater your returns will be. By Arthur C. Brooks



CONSIDER AN “ELIMINATION DIET” to increase your chances of success.   By Bill Esteb

Success (in just about every way you measure it), is a shedding process not an acquiring process. Consider some of the things you might want to jettison to make room for greater achievement and a higher impact:

Obsolete beliefs (drop grudges, prejudices and self-limitations).

Unhelpful habits (start taking your own advice).

Clutter (an overlooked success repellent).

Naysayers (skeptics, doubters and Debbie Downers).

Indecisiveness (make decisions faster—especially unimportant ones).

Worry (focus on what you want, not what you don’t want).

Keeping score (try being generous instead).

Time wasters (social media and digital devices).

Needing to be right (it’s expensive and thankless).

Procrastination (waiting is rarely beneficial).

Seeking approval (especially from those who don’t matter).

Chatter (speak less, listen more).

Living beyond your means (surplus gives you more choices).

Most of these add complexity and needless friction. Consider an “elimination diet” and see what unfolds. Embracing the future usually requires releasing the past.






“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, for in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”  Kahlil Gibran


OPEN HOUSE THIS SATURDAY, MARCH 5TH, FROM 11:00 TO 2:00 PM, AT MY NEW OFFICE – 390 Lombard St, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

There will be short, informational talks regarding the benefits of Stem Cells plus I’ll be giving brief demonstrations on how to improve hip, knee and shoulder flexibility.  Come on by and check it out.  Please let me know if you plan to stop by, as we will have some refreshments.  Dr. Ben


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