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Let’s talk about kid’s cancer and bike riding, asthma, horns on your skull, your diet and mental health, and standing desks.

Well, I rode 509 miles on my bicycle this month and raised over $5,000 for children’s cancer research. I feel honored and blessed by all of you who donated to the cancer fund.  Thank you.  Truly we are making a difference in the lives of children affected with cancer. Here’s a takeaway; I’m sleeping even better than before and feel more energy overall (still want to take a nap in the afternoons, however).  Setting goals really helps in getting back in shape, and fighting for worthy causes.



So, in the medical world there is “no cure for asthma”, but my question is, how do children and adults get it in the first place?  I know in my world (and the chiropractic world) that “asthma-like” symptoms can occur after a trauma, and have been relieved with chiropractic care.  I saw this firsthand with a young boy who jumped off a swing and landed on his back, and within a week developed “asthma”.  The M.D. prescribed an inhaler, but the mother brought him to see me and I adjusted his back once a week for four weeks, and somehow the “asthma” disappeared.  I don’t believe the child really had asthma in the first place, but rather compressed spinal nerves that weren’t sending 100% innervation to his lungs, so he had trouble breathing after he landed on his back, and it mimicked asthma.

By restoring normal function through the release of nerve compression, the difficult breathing diminished and allowed the body to heal.  This is actually how you heal normally; give the body the right environment to heal – proper nerve flow, blood flow and influx of nutrients and the body innately does its job.  You just have to rest, feed it and don’t aggravate the healing process.  Imagine that.



Horns are growing on young people’s skulls. Phone use is to blame, research suggests.
The growth of bone spurs at the back of the skulls of young people may be a result of an adaptation to the use of handheld devices.
Read about it in The Washington Post: https://apple.news/AtXGAGYDLQtCLxt6hnk_oOQ


NUTRITION  How diet affects your mental health



FLEXISPOT Adjustable desks

You must find ways to get up from sitting all day, and a standing desk can be a big help, along with those daily stretches I showed you, right?

Click on the link below to get $15 off your purchase of any adjustable desk over $150.  Code word is “feelbetter”.




“Four things for success: work and pray, think and believe.” Norman Vincent Peale

Work – You’ve probably already done all the easy stuff. What remains are the more difficult things for which the outcomes aren’t guaranteed or there is an emotional risk. Which is why you…

Pray – Ask for divine guidance, supernatural blessings and protection from deception. Remain mindful that the unseen spiritual world is more real than what we can comprehend with the five senses. This offers clarity to…

Think – It is our most important asset. Virtually everything that exists is the result of a thought, idea or mental picture that someone formed and then caused to manifest. But to persevere you must…

Believe – This requires faith, but with the flexibility to make course corrections as circumstances require adaptation. After all, intelligence is often defined as the ability to adapt to one’s environment.

Which of the four have you neglected?


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