June 2018

Chiropractic and babies

Last weekend while camping a mother brought to me a 2 month old foster baby she and her husband were taking care of, and asked if chiropractic could help the boy, who had experienced a traumatic birth and created a twisted neck. I have three gentle ways that I adjust babies, which include holding them on my shoulder, laying them face down in my lap, and holding them upside down, which I did with this little boy. While holding him upside down, you could see him twist to the left, so I lifted his left side higher and in about 20 seconds he slowly straightened out. I gave him back to the mother and the little boy fell asleep within a minute. I recommended that the mom and dad do this every day until the baby stops favoring the left side.
This is what I do – balance out the spine and remove neurological interference. All natural, safe and gentle, from your first day to the last day. Come on in and experience the power of chiropractic.

EXERCISE (The slow and fast versions)

Tai Chi is a “sweatless” exercise that requires concentration and balance, and which recently has been found to help improve the pain intensity, depression and fatigue of people with fibromyalgia. Just two times per week was all that was needed to see direct results, this from studying 226 people with fibromyalgia at the Center for Complimentary and Integrative Medicine in Boston, MA.

In another study, researchers compared traditional endurance exercising like cycling with (active) dancing, and after 18 months of weekly exercise found that both groups had increased volume of the hippocampus, the area of the brain dealing with memory and learning. However, the dancing group showed more improvement with balance than the workout group. It was the mental workout of learning arm movements, step patterns and rhythm that challenged the dancers’ balance systems along with memorizing the choreographies that gave dancing the edge over regular exercise.

Make exercise fun, and both Tai Chi and dancing are two ways to increase your health and your enjoyment.

Great article: Please read.


From nationally recognized nutrition expert Janet Bond Brill, PhD, RDN, FAND in an article in Bottom Line Magazine

There is no one nutritional magic bullet that will lower blood pressure by itself, but rather from multiple strategically chosen food. For example, bananas are high in potassium, but so are figs, pistachios, and both white and black beans. Figs also have a considerable amount of fiber and polyphenols, which help in the lowering of blood pressure. Pistachios are high in fiber, potassium, magnesium and arginine, an amino acid that helps stimulate the production of nitric oxide. Nitrates are chemical compounds that help to lower blood pressure by dilating blood vessels. Nitric oxide can be found in beet juice, beets, rhubarb and spinach. I know that beet juice doesn’t sound that appealing, but it is sold in health food stores, and adding a little lemon juice or ginger or adding it to your smoothie does liven up the taste.
Another beneficial food is pomegranate juice, which contains different flavonoids which can mimic ACE inhibitor drugs which dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure, but without any side effects. Our neighbor used to have a pomegranate tree and my kids and I would crush the pomegranates to make juice, which was very tasty.
A cup of white beans contains more than 1000 mg of potassium (and black beans about 800 mg), and because potassium acts like a natural diuretic, it helps remove sodium from the body. Without totally eliminating sodium from your diet, you can improve your health by increasing the potassium-sodium ratio instead.
For more information regarding your blood pressure and other health issues from Dr. Brill, log on to www.DrJanet.com

HUMOR (jokes you have to think about)

A pun, a play on words and a limerick walk into a bar. No joke.

Did you hear about the mathematician who was afraid of negative numbers? He will stop at nothing to avoid them.

What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?

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