Learning lessons during the time of physical isolation

Does anyone else find it a bit strange that a little bug has turned our world upside-down?  This pandemic has easily outpaced any hurricane, flood or earthquake any of us could have experienced, changing the way we interact and do business and conduct our lives.  So, what have you learned living mostly as a hermit, or at best, a monk?

Are you learning how to be more patient with yourself and your loved ones?  What about with the service people who deliver your take-out, check out your groceries, or service your bicycle?

Do you find yourself wasting more time, being bored and watching old TV reruns, or are you finding new projects to do, spending more time with your children and spouse, or cleaning out your garage and attic?

Are you finding that you feel more lethargic and lazy, by sleeping in and falling asleep early, or have you begun an exercise program, walking more, changing your diet and exploring more ways to be active in a smaller space?

Have you thought more about your mortality?  Are you wondering if there is a God, or if you believe in God, what are his plans for you?  Are you asking questions and seeking answers from reliable and foundational sources?

Are you finding out that you like yourself more or less when you’re cooped up with yourself?  Do your better qualities rise to the top or do your faults and shortcomings show up for all to see (the real you)?

Don’t waste this crisis.  Surely there are opportunities for you to grow; learn a new language or musical instrument, reach out to old friends or neighbors who are alone and probably lonely, use social media to spend time with people telling jokes, singing songs, playing games, sharing meals, all while in your own homes, but connecting all the same.  Even if you have to be physically isolated, you do not need to be socially isolated.  Why not step out of your comfort zone today?

Be safe, stay healthy, and don’t go crazy.  Dr. Ben

FYI: My office(s) are open, we are disinfecting everything and we wear masks when interacting with patients.  We are doing everything to keep our patients safe.

For your enjoyment: https://playingforchange.com/videos/the-weight-song-around-world/?fbclid=IwAR2_eUVF2sotTLvS4kvDkJfQUE3zvvB1lNuJMPE4niOPMU-Pwi5MtIBIUPc

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