March 2022 newsletter


When you think of the word “medicine”, what comes to mind?  Childhood cough syrup?  A shot in the arm?  Bactine or iodine on your scraped knee?  Tylenol and ibuprofen?  All these are types of medicine, but they are basically man-made concoctions that mask pain and help alleviate dis-ease.  What did our ancestors do to stay healthy or use to recover from illness prior to modern medicines?

True medicine is Breath; healthy air unfiltered, inspiration.  Movement; agility, flexibility, and mobility with ease.  Touch; massage, holding hands, hugs.  Sleep; to rest, repair, restore and revive.  Water; to nourish, hydrate and replenish (we are about 70% water, you know).  Nature; to see, smell, hear and touch natural things, feel the sunshine and reconnect with the Earth.  Sound; soft, soothing, healing and inspiring sounds, laughter.  Plants; to see, touch and smell flowers, bushes and trees.  Community; to be nurtured, listened to, cared for, watched over, laugh and cry together.  These are the true medicines.  Everything else is artificial and alternative.  Cheers, Dr. Ben

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