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Let’s talk about stiff muscles, trouble sleeping and melatonin, don’t take aspirin, how well are you (really?), and exercises if you sit too much.


Well, you did it again.  You sat too long and now you’re feeling stiff in your (fill in the blank).  It’s not that unusual and, where it concerns you, is how often you do this to yourself.  Any immobility will lead to postural overload, which shows up as stiff joints and sore muscles.  Do this often enough and you create adaptive shortening, which is when your range of motion is reduced and you can’t move with the same ease you used to due to tight muscles and restrictive joints.

What to do about this?  Very easy, actually.  Get up and move every hour, stretch at least one minute, preferably 3 to 5 minutes, and drink water.  The biggest culprit here is you sitting in the same position for hours at a time without a break, so change your patterns and you change your life.


Just so you understand, your pineal gland, situated in your brain, helps control your awake and sleep cycle by producing melatonin when it gets dark and turns off when it becomes light.  This is why it’s important to not turn on the lights when you have to get up in the middle of the night, as you will confuse you brain, and the pineal gland, in to thinking it is morning and shut off the melatonin, which assists in your sleepiness.  While you can get melatonin supplements to help in getting to sleep, if you just have an occasional problem sleeping you might add a few foods to your diet to help with melatonin production.  The melatonin rich foods that may help you with your sleep are:

Oats, sweet corn, barley, rice, ginger, tomatoes, bananas, and cranberries.  You include these foods in your diet so as to build up your pineal gland with the proper nutrients it needs to make melatonin (just like including calcium in your diet to build stronger bones).  Remember, it’s less expensive and much tastier to prevent a problem than to have to correct it.  Sweet dreams.

Don’t take aspirin if you haven’t had a heart attack.

Read this:


True wellness isn’t just being pain free, but a blend of all the elements that make up your life.  My friend Bill Esteb asked questions in seven areas that we all should ponder, and consider improving where necessary.

Physical: Are you at your proper weight? Do you have energy, endurance and stamina? Do you exhibit a sense of vitality?

Financial: Do you have financial peace? Are you properly insured? Out of debt?

Mental: Are able to handle stress, think clearly and be decisive?

Social: How well do you get along with others? Do you have clear boundaries?

Family: Do you have a connection with family members? Or is there estrangement and discord?

Career: Are you simply trading your time for money? Or do you have a calling?

Spiritual: Do you have an intimate connection with your higher power?


Try anyone of these 3 exercises if you sit too much.  For other great exercises, check out

3 Prone Lying Movements to Help Reverse the Effects of Prolonged Sitting



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