November 2022

Let’s talk about your posture and learning, habits to boost longevity, how much water you should drink, and easy stretching,


If you haven’t figured it out by now, your bodies are simply amazing; a complex, innate feedback loop that is constantly working independently and cooperatively with your conscious and unconscious mind to repair, restore, replace and recharge all the cells of your body.  Most of the time, you don’t even know it’s happening.

You have five external senses: visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory (taste) and tactile, which easily send feedback to your conscious mind and you can act accordingly; interoception is how you perceive your internal systems, which are vestibular (balance and equilibrium), proprioception (spatial awareness), visceral (organs), hormonal, humoral (body fluids), immune, cardio-respiratory and microbiome (digestion/elimination), and you often ignore these sensory inputs.

Your interoceptive processes must work together in order for you to stay healthy; this is homeostasis.  Recent research is finding that when people, particularly the young and the elderly, have difficulty processing, perceiving and integrating the sensory input from both the external and internal environments, it affects their learning and cognition, and that the biggest influence on poor processing of your sensory input is postural instability.

Yes, poor posture has been found to be associated with ADHD, Autism spectrum disorder, Dyslexia and Bipolar disorder, to name a few.  That extremely hunched posture (hyperkyphosis) you see in the elderly affects up to two-thirds senior women and 50% senior men.  This has led to studies on bipolar disorder in the elderly regarding postural instability, and what shifts in posture could help improve function.  Dyslexic children have poorer posture than non-dyslexic children; boys with ADHD show poorer postural control and impairment processing vestibular and visual information compared with normal boys.

All this to say, whether it’s you, your children or your parents, on average you’re spending 3 ½ hours every day looking down at your smartphone, coupled with more hours hunched over a computer.  This compromised posture is affecting each person’s ability to learn, process and integrate the world around them.  We can improve this disability with better posture, so bring your children and your parents in to see me and we’ll explore ways to help each one improve their posture and maybe help them think and act better.      BG


5 Easy habits to do daily to boost your longevity:  (I like these and do them)


Hydration/water myths (I learned something new and unlearned something old)


EXERCISE OF THE MONTH – Side roll by MovNat  (you can do it, just try it)



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