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This morning while exercising at the gym I was wondering what I should write about, since I had been uninspired the previous night.  It occurred to me how uncomfortable I was during the last two minutes on the stationary bike and my rationale for pushing through that discomfort to the end.  The discomfort occurred again while doing push-ups at the end of my workout. Why did I want to be uncomfortable?  Isn’t there a better way to get stronger?  Certainly, the real question is “why do we subject ourselves to varying levels of pain, discomfort, and inconvenience, all in the name of health and fitness?

Are you too comfortable right now?

Are you someone who is working from home?  No commute, don’t have to dress up, and it’s easier to take breaks?  Comfy. Is there any challenge in your life right now?  Without “stress” and challenge nothing grows.  If you’re not pedaling, you’re coasting, and if you’re coasting, then you’re going downhill.

May I present to you two ideas; one is the concept of 1%.  Every day try to improve 1%.  The algorithm is such that after one year you will actually be 37% better than you were at the beginning.  This can apply to many things, but it does require practicing regularly.  The other is that of “beat yesterday.”  This refers to you doing just a little better than the last time you… did push-ups, practiced the piano, hiked to the top of the hill.  With both ideas you are always competing with yourself and no one else.

Why bother?  Because positive stress makes us grow.  Unlearning hurts.  Pushing your boundaries in uncomfortable.  To achieve any goal there has to be expansion of your mind, body and spirit, but our default tends to be procrastination or laziness.  You do have to get out of bed and you have to “do it now.”

So what do you say, “are the spoils worth the cost of the hunt?”  It might make you a bit uncomfortable, but it could lead to satisfaction.  If you want any coaching, give me a call, I’m at your service.  Dr. Ben

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