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Let’s talk about stretching, boosting your immune system, how to change your life (two minute rule), learning and high performance, grounded-ness and telling the truth….


Muscles are meant to move.  The advancements of modern society have made your life more efficient and more stressful.  While we can communicate and travel great distances, the methods require very little movement on the part of each traveler.  Today, when someone says they’ve been running around, it usually means driving in a car, standing in lines and elevators and sitting in waiting rooms –being busy without being active.  None of these activities actually challenge your muscles to move through their full range of motion.

Most people have sedentary lifestyles, and lack of movement is their primary activity of the day.  Their favorite excuse is that they don’t have time to stretch or exercise, but stretching, done regularly, can become a habit, just like brushing your teeth.  Without stretching, you continue to promote a pattern of restricted movement and muscle fatigue, and muscle fatigue comes from a prolonged and strong contraction of a muscle due to the interruption of blood flow and the loss of the nutrient supply and lack of oxygen.

So what’s the plan?  Stretch daily, preferably every hour that you are sedentary or after a period of prolonged activity.  This will help overcome the body’s natural tendency towards imbalance and restriction.  Frequent movement is necessary for good spinal and muscular health.  Vertebrae, when properly aligned, have a natural fluidity.  This fluidity is lost, however, when the soft tissues are in constant holding patterns, influenced by tension, stress and pain.

          A stretching program does not require a lot of time, nor should it be done only at the outset of pain or stiffness.  Any program can be successful if it is done consistently and with purpose.  Most muscles need 20 to 30 seconds to begin releasing tension, but up to 1 minute is suggested. 

Come join my Flex Appeal stretching class every Monday from 12:30 to 1:30 via Zoom.  This one hour class stretches everything from your nose to your toes, easy enough for beginners yet challenging enough for seasoned pros.  If you would like to attend a complimentary class please email stretching4life@aol.com or text 805.358.8573 with the words “stretching class” and your contact info.  The monthly fee is normally $24.

For more information on family health, senior fitness, improving your posture, preventing sports injuries, children’s healthcare and improving your nervous system, please contact Dr. Ben.

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The Two-minute Rule   (How to quickly change your life)




Many of us break our word. Daily. We lie.

White Lies. These are probably the most common. It’s considered the least serious of all the lies. We justify it as a way to avoid conflict or to shield others from hurt or pain.
Broken Promises. This is failing to honor our word. Agreeing to see a friend at 10:00 but not getting there until 10:20 may seem like a small thing, but it creates mistrust and doubt, even some hurt.
Exaggeration. Whether giving your statistics some padding, or exceeding the speed limit, exaggeration veers into spiritual territory. The enemy will often wrap a lie with just enough truth to make it believable.
Whether it’s a lie of commission or omission, it’s still a lie. Worse, when we lie to ourselves it makes it easier to lie to others.

Always tell the truth. That way you don’t need a good memory.




Recommended book: The Practice of Groundedness

Here is an overview of the book; check it out:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J0V6sqOqNKB8JOXUv9_05q_44oOgfnUA


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