Riding the coast

I’m riding down the coast of California this week, from San Francisco to Cambria.  When I tell people I’m doing this they either say “wow, how cool” or they ask “why?”  Answering “why” is probably more provocative.  Because it’s there?  Because I can do it?  Both.  There is something to be said about the tranquility of riding a bike and being able to observe so many things you miss seeing in a car.  There is also the extended time to think and contemplate about stuff, like your life.  I wonder about the people who live along the coast; why do they live there and what do they do?  I pass homes sandwiched between Highway 1 and the beach, barely 300 ft between the two, not unlike Malibu, but still remote, with austere beauty.  -I also think, this is kind like an adventure – doing something new, it’s kind of scary, I might get hurt, it might be fun.  So, I completed the first day.  How was your day?  Was in memorable in any way?  Dr. Ben

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