September 2021 Blog – Plans change

I was going to write about your immune system this month, but plans change. I cannot emphasis enough how important is for you to tell the people in your life whom you love how much you love them. It is super important that you show them you love them as well, and if there are people whom you have not seen or spoken with in weeks, months or years, and they are important to you, call them now. Your life could change in an instant.

My son-in-law, my daughter’s husband, was killed this morning by a car as he was walking across the street in a crosswalk with flashing lights. Apparently the driver of the car was impatient and didn’t want to stop behind the stopped car ahead of him, so he changed lanes and drove through the intersection, hitting him. One poor decision, one hasty assessment, and the ripples of his judgement will affect two small boys, now fatherless, and their widowed mother, for the rest of their lives.

Please, be careful out there, slow down, lean in on those precious people around you and show them how much you love and care for them. Gratitude and gratefulness, recognition and appreciation, and love and affection are in short supply in this world right now, so I’m thinking that some of us need to get a move on and start letting the people around us know how important they are to us. There might not be another chance. Be well, Dr. Ben


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